Brown Jumper

This new dress is a fun little one that I whipped up in a couple of hours. I managed to squeeze the entire thing out of less than two yards of fabric, which is why it has those awesome funky button tabs on the straps! The fabric itself is a beautiful brushed twill of unknown origin – somebody gave it to me and it’s been sitting in my stash for several years.

The dress itself is made out of BurdaStyle’s Danielle pattern. I’ve actually made the dress before, in a black 1960’s polyester, but I’ve never gotten photos of that version. This time, I made it up without sleeves, simply binding the sleeve and neckline edges with bias binding. The buttons, bias binding, zipper and even the fabric were all from my stash. The fabric itself is quite stiff, and this lends itself really nicely to the pattern. However, if I was to make it with sleeves, I would choose a much drapier fabric – the big pleats on the sleeve pattern stand up really well – too well!

The boots are another new find . . . I’ve been searching for the perfect pair for a while, thanks to weird feet that hate boots. These were a bit more than I normally pay for thrift store shoes, but they were absolutely brand new, all leather and a fantastic brand. I’m currently in the process of breaking them in and we’ll see what they end up looking like worn in!

Right at the end of this last school year my beloved massive purse died – both straps pulled out and I was carrying it around by corners! It can only be described as a thing – I made it with no pattern out of several yards of printed 1970s corduroy and it was described by most people as either being Mary Poppins-esque or a TARDIS – bigger on the inside! I could fit my large camera case and a full sized iron inside and it looked only moderately bulky.

This new purse is a Goodwill find – I was originally looking for something cheaper, but when this came up I snatched it. Two months of looking was far too long! It’s a Fossil brand messenger bag, and appears to have only been lightly used. I ended up trimming off the Fossil branding on the outside – it wasn’t my style and I didn’t want to showcase that the purse was expensive and something to steal. It’s got more pockets than I know what to do with! Here you can see my knife, my bible and my fingerless mitts – it’s strangely empty right now as I have been cleaning it out after our camping trip!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Made by me
Shirt: Style & Co, thrifted
Tights: Smart Wool (so awesome!)
Boots: Rockport, thrifted.


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