Chiffon and Lace

There is nothing quite like a last minute dress. I’m pretty sure this dress was about 5 hours from start to finish – and started the evening before a trip! I needed a really light weight, soft dress to wear in the evenings at a dance event – it’s really hot and un-airconditioned at the camp were the event is held, and the evenings are brutal.

The chiffon was left over from another project (and I think I still have about 10 yards left!) and the lace was a gift from a friend. The dress itself is amazingly simple – I draped the bodice onto my dressform, hand sewed the lace on and attached the skirt. To make things even easier, the skirt didn’t even need hemming – the selvedge edges are neat enough to do the trick.

It is an absolutely delightful dress to wear in the heat, and I’m still surprised how flattering the 1920s is on my figure! normally I tend towards the 40s and 50s – nipped in waist, flared skirts – because they flatter my figure much more. But this is remarkably attractive! I’d encourage anybody who is unsure about the 20s to give it a go – the light fabric and soft textures make a big difference.





4 thoughts on “Chiffon and Lace

  1. Hej! I saw your post of this dress at the feodora lounge and now I’m here 🙂
    I’m intrested to know how this “pattern library thing” works, I belived it only worked if you lived in the US… Does it cost alot of money? Silly qestions mabey but if you have the time I’m interested to know how this works!

    Love/Nadja Eleonora

    ps. that dark red 30’s dress is gorgeous on you! It makes you glow!

    • Thanks, Nadja!

      Vintage Pattern Lending Library works two ways – you can buy a membership from them and borrow patterns – I believe that only works in the US. However, I buy my patterns straight from her, because I need to keep them afterwards, thanks to my job. I’m not sure what oversees shipping is, but her pattern prices are reasonable and she’s adding downloadable patterns (a la BurdaStyle) in the next coming months/years. There’s already one up! It’s not the only vintage pattern company, by far, but I’ve really enjoyed their patterns a lot, and they’ve had a lot in the size ranges I needed.

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