Most of my time these days is consumed with Cinderella costuming – between that and school, there isn’t much time (or thought!) for blogging.

My big task, besides coordinating and designing all the costumes, is the Cinderella ballgown itself. We’re basing it off a 1905 Worth gown, though sadly the level of embellishment and such on the original isn’t present on this one. We are, however, making it out of a most beautiful baby blue Satin, covered in the faintest of sparkles.

Depending on how much time I have, I’ll add a chiffon ruffle to the bottom, but I’ll for sure copy the belt and lovely chiffon trim around the neckline.

For the skirt, I’m using Truly Victorian’s Edwardian circle skirt pattern – almost a perfect replica of the pattern used in the above gown. I’m toying around with adding a half circle gore to the back, but we’ll see how that works out when she actually gets in the gown. I want this dress to have serious flow on stage, and I’m really excited for the reveal sequence when the rags fly off to reveal the glory of the ballgown!

Rehearsals, Pre-Costumes

The chorus are wearing a smorgasbord of costumes – modern prom dresses, reproduction stuff from the costume closet – anything, basically, that I can get my hands on that will fill out the scene. With such a large cast, my budget is a bit more crunched compared to last semester and I’ll Leave It To You. It’s so much fun to pull out those old costumes that we spent a fortune on, because it shows – they are FANTASTICALLY beautiful!

It’s exciting, though, watching everything come together on stage. This is the earliest in a production we’ve ever been going ahead with the actual sewing of costumes, and hopefully front loading the workload will make the end of the show actually enjoyable!



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