Deco Picnic at Pittock Mansion!

When I read about the planned Deco Picnic at the Pittock Mansion on Solanah’s blog, it was clear that we were going. No questions asked.

So I managed to get out of choir, and we gathered up those friends that were available to go, and off we went! It was absolutely fantastic!


I’ve been into the vintage aesthetic for many years, and sewing vintage clothes for the past three-four years. But despite reading many blogs of like minded people, I had never actually connected with any of them. It was lovely to meet Solanah and friends, and just enjoy wearing pretty clothes for the day.

 In summary? Totally worth the hassle of spending all day in pretty clothes instead of doing homework! SO much fun and I definitely want to do more events like this in the future. It’s like reenacting, but so much more relaxed and easy going –  less interaction with guests and more enjoying the setting.

Thank you so much, Solanah et all!

3 thoughts on “Deco Picnic at Pittock Mansion!

  1. It looks like a lovely time was had. Do you happen to know what pattern the green dress is made from? I’ve been thinking I want to make something like that to wear to my brother’s wedding next June.

    • It’s one of Folkwear’s 1920s patterns – I can’t recall the name, but it’s a lovely pattern! Kind of funky to make up, and I had to adjust it a bit when I made it (I didn’t make the green one, sadly) but it comes together well.

  2. Ah, it’s the Tango dress! Thank you! It looked familiar, but I couldn’t place it exactly. With the seaming, I can imagine it’s a bit funky to put together. 🙂

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